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Once upon
a time

We met for a coffee, after a mutual friend pointed out we were quite similar, doing similar things. At the end of the first coffee, we were already writing down ideas that would result in Mindsighted. This was spring 2016. In each other we saw a big part of ourselves, but also exactly the part we were missing. We both acknowledged early in our lives that we are growing up in a fast paced, ever changing world and that we lacked the tools to tackle 21st century problems. We both took a different road to cater to this need, spending over 5 years before studying; Robin studied the brain, cognitive neuroscience and mindfulness. Stephanie studied everything there is to know about breathing, the body, yoga and eastern philosophy. Bringing these two worlds together, in combination with our personal experience we understood we had something special to offer with Mindsighted.


Our vision

We firmly believe that the combined practices from the western neuropscychology and eastern wisdom traditions can elevate our knowledge of ourselves, deepen our awareness and understanding of what serves us towards emotional sustainability and well-being, and support us to live with more freedom and ease.


Manage your energy, not your time

Stephanie de Rooij is influenced by several wisdom traditions, and is recognized for her expertise in the practical application of yoga.

As a busy city girl, there is one things that has fascinated Stephanie from a young age: how she could find her calm in busy city life. Her personal traits are a combination of high energy and ambition, because of which she found herself more than once on the verge of burning out, every time learning new tools to bring herself back to a rest and resilience. She developed a sense self-awareness and a wisdom that worked contagiously to her surroundings. She spent five years in deep personal research, becoming a 500hr registered yoga teacher, spending months in India and developing multiple trainings and presentations on the art of attention. The combination of her personal experience and crystal clear way of explaining have a high impact.

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when you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit

Robin is driven by curiosity and has passion for learning. This sometimes leads to geekish hobbies, but mostly into new discoveries in the era of self-development. For her, learning and self-development go hand in hand. Over the last five years, she’s given workshops in high-schools, universities and businesses about the important skills that you don’t learn in school, but absolutely need in your daily life, such as: discipline, habit-change, motivation and focus. Two years ago, she added her own mindfulness classes to the list. Central to her work, is translating science into practical lessons to help individuals develop sustainable (mental) habits to improve their daily life is this digital age.

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